Bhwasa Charity Medical Centre

Providing Compassionate Medical Care for the people of Nepal


Welcome to our project...

We are a small privately owned charity designed for the sole purpose of building and maintaining a small general surgery in Bethan, Nepal. This surgery will provide essential medical care for a total population of 13,000, mainly women, children and the elderly. (The photo shows the site where building has just begun. )

The aims of the “Bhwasa Charity Medical Cooperative” shall be to relieve sickness, preserve health and provide education and support for the people of Nepal.
Located in Bethan, and serving Hiledevi, Khaniyapani, Sunarpani, Rakathum, Gunsi, Dimipokhari and other villages in the nearby area within the Ramechhap District of Nepal.

We will provide education of the general public in all areas relating to general medical care and awareness including but not limited to: basic education and support for general medical and emergency medical incidents, fire and burns prevention safety, women’s health matters, well baby care and vaccination programme, information and care of the aged.

Imagine making that journey with a sick child in your arms, or you are injured yourself. The mountainous terrain, and the distance prevent many from seeking care they desperately need.

We need your help!

If you have skills that you feel would be useful for us, doctor, nurse, or one of those special persons who just likes to lend a hand please get in touch!

Detailed Job Description / Requirements

Present advertisement is for position for the Nepal community development programme in remote VDC of Ramechhap district.

Bhwasa Charity Hospital is a community project funded solely by donations. Salary of the community nurse will be paid from this fund.  It is planned that two clinics will be run daily one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Work-flow will vary according to need. The residents of the villages are primarily women and children, however there are men and some elderly patients. The language spoken is Nepali and Tamang.


Post: Community Health Programme Nurses (Male and Female HAs are eligible to apply)


Number of vacant post: 1
Based in: Bhwasa/Bethan


Monthly salary and other benefits: Starting Salary: Nrs 10,000/- to 11,000 monthly depending on experience and qualifications.


Benefits: This posting is unusual in that room and full board are provided with private accommodation within the hospital. First priority will be given to local nurses due to the remote location. Other nurses from more distant villages will be considered if travel poses no difficulty. Candidates who have worked independently in government sub-health-posts and/or running it independently will have priorities. Sharp, bright and eager to learn. There is internet access and phone access at this location. After probation period of 6 months leave facility of 24 days of annual leave, 12 days of sick leave and 17 days of other leaves excluding Saturdays. For more information please contact [email protected]


Only short listed candidates will be contacted for an interview. Please bring the originals of your documents with you for viewing.

The pillars are all in as of June 2014 the rainy season is making everything lush and green, but work is now slow to progress.

Photo below is of the build June 2014


We are in need of a sponsor that will support our project in the future. The initial funds for the build were paid for by a single donation, however this does not support our need for supplies, and staffing expenses. 

We need your help now!

First we are look for a community nurse the cost is around 13,000 NPR maximum per month (this is around £150.00 per month).

While this may not seem like a large amount the bigger picture is that there will be taxes to be paid, and management costs of this single person. While he/she may not earn a lot they will be a small miracle to us!

Please help us with your donations, or get in touch with us and help with funding our small yet important project. Thank you.

Let's make sure this little girl has a bright and happy future ahead of her!!